Financial Resilience Intensive

Bangkok, Thailand | September 10, 2018 - September 12, 2018

THIS INTENSIVE HAS ALREADY STARTED. Dates and locations for our 2019 Intensives will be announced in November. Sign up to our email list to receive our updates. 

Organizations around the world working to advance rights and justice and face a volatile and rapidly changing political and funding landscape. The work is complex and the need to sufficiently resource it is ever present. 

What if you and your leadership team could:

  • Bring the same resilience to building financial strength as you bring to programming?

  • Use a creative, entrepreneurial approach to grow your base of supporters?

  • Gain new perspectives on money to inform your strategies?

  • Employ user-friendly financial health indicators in decision-making?

Spring Strategies’ Intensive gives you these fundamentals of financial resilience and supports your team in customizing plans for greater financial strength, influence and impact.

Why does financial resilience matter?

In 2017, Ellen spoke with Gigi Hepp about why financial resilience matters.  They recorded their chat in Sāo Paulo at the Amani Institute where Ellen had just taught a course in their award-winning Social Innovation Management program.

Find out how a bicycle is like a social justice organization and hear Ellen's perspective on our relationship with money - a topic she has explored extensively in her work supporting civil society organizations on their journey to financial resilience.


Ellen Sprenger Talks about Financial Resilience Program

What Makes This Intensive Unique?

Since 2012, the Financial Resilience program has supported leadership teams from over 125 rights and justice organizations in over 25 countries. It is infused with experiences from organizations dealing with shrinking civic space as well as those working under more favourable circumstances, offering a rare opportunity to gain both global and local insights that can be applied in different organizations.

In advance of the Intensive, you will have the opportunity to share information about your organization’s financial resilience successes and challenges - information that contributes to designing the sessions. On site, you will work in five key areas: Funding Landscape, Resource Development, Strategic Finance, Quality of Engagement and Leadership Practice. You will develop a customized plan with key actions for the next period. In addition to the 3-day workshop, the Intensive includes accompaniment post workshop in the form of coaching sessions and peer support and learning.

What you will take away

  • A new toolbox for building financial resilience, which you can apply to your work immediately.
  • A customized action plan informed by clinics and consultation on site.
  • A budgeting strategy that projects and captures income, costs and recovery of costs.
  • A user-friendly dashboard of key financial health indicators that can be easily absorbed by your staff and board.
  • A creative, entrepreneurial approach to growing and strengthening your base of supporters through all your communications channels.
  • Invaluable knowledge for building relationships and shaping engagement with funders through authentic conversations.
  • A fresh capacity to respond to changes in the funding landscape.
  • Access to an international community of Financial Resilience graduates working for rights and justice on every continent.

Please consider attending as a team to optimize the Takeaways! The Intensive provides valuable time for an organization’s executive director, finance leader and resource development/communications leader to integrate financial resilience on site at the Intensive – and return home ready to put the practices and tools into immediate action.

Details in Brief

Number of participants: 20-30 people
Group composition: Executive Directors and senior staff  who lead in the areas of finance, resource mobilization and strategic communications, as well as Foundation Staff providing financial support to these leaders.  
Workshop dates: Monday, September 10, Tuesday, September 11, Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Duration: 9:00AM – 5:30PM each day
Workshop materials: Tools, videos and articles
Location: Bangkok, Thailand, at the Boulevard Hotel Bangkok. When booking with this hotel, use the COR09 promo code for a special discount.
Tuition includes post-Intensive coaching, workshop materials and morning and afternoon refreshments.
Participants are responsible for meals, accommodation and travel-related expenses.