Bangkok 2018 Financial Resilience Intensive Case Study

Bangkok 2018 Financial Resilience Intensive Case Study

Bangkok, Thailand
September 10-11-12, 2018



Participants: The people attending this Intensive were Executive Directors and senior staff who lead in the areas of finance, resource mobilization and strategic communications, as well as Foundation staff providing financial support to these organizations.

Financial Resilience: Organizations around the world working to advance rights and justice face a volatile and rapidly changing political and funding landscape. The work is complex and the need to sufficiently resource it is ever present. 

At Spring Strategies, we believe organizations need to bring the same focus and energy to building financial strength as they bring to programming; use creative and entrepreneurial approaches to fundraising and financing; include various perspectives on money to inform their strategies; and employ user-friendly and relevant financial health-indicators for decision-making. We also believe that funding is both a means to an end, i.e. the running of great programs, and an end in itself. We support individuals and organizations in developing financial models that engage people and institutions in transformative ways.

Spring Strategies’ Financial Resilience program provides its participants with the fundamentals of financial resilience, supports them in customizing plans for greater financial strength, influence and impact and results in the implementation of new practices.


The Bangkok financial resilience program included a 3-day in-person workshop, accompaniment over a period of 4-months, three follow-up coaching sessions, and a final 2-hour online completion meeting. The Case Study provides some data points from the 3-day in-person workshop.

We will be circling back with these participants to follow up on their progress, successes and challenges in the next few months.

Stay tuned!


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Participant Quotes

“Don't ever underestimate how much fun learning about financial resilience can be - the Intensive is awesome!

“The Financial Resilience Intensive is the first investment you should make to open up a transformational way to approach fundraising with joy.

“Great, practical recommendations and techniques for doing the work of achieving financial sustainability.

“A thoughtful, refreshing and relevant program that is ideal for NFP's looking to be more sustainable and resilient.


Bangkok 2018 Data Points




Financial dashboards created and reviewed 


Action-plans for long-term financial strength and resilience


90-minute post-Intensive coaching sessions for each participant on Strategic Finance, Strategic Communications, and Prospecting & Diversification


Organizations attended the Intensive from 11 different countries: Australia, India, Lybia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, the Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the U.S.


Areas of focus: the funding landscape, resource development, strategic finance, quality of donor/supporter engagement, and leadership practice

Participant Evaluations




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*20 participants filled out the evaluation