High Impact Facilitation Intensive

Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 26, 2020 - October 28, 2020

If you work to advance social change, you likely spend a lot of time in meetings. After all, it is through powerful multi-actor conversations and collaboration that ambitious human rights and climate justice goals are realized.

And yet meetings have a bad reputation. Most people admit to daydreaming, bringing other work to meetings, spending time on social media, and confess to feeling drained.

At Spring we believe that meetings should inspire, tap into the collective intelligence of a group, reshape how a problem is perceived, influence perspectives on how to affect change and uncover new ways of joining forces. High impact meetings generate new levels of strategic alignment, engagement and collective action. And we need more of those meetings; the future depends on it.

Are you an experienced facilitator ready to up your game? If so, we would love to work with you.

Barbara Oliveira
High Impact Facilitator for Social Change, Ecosynergy

Founder of Ecosynergy, the Collaboration Lab and The Appreciation Project. Master Coach. Sustainable Development Facilitator and Mediator. Radical Humanist. Dancer. Singer. Poet. Tree hugger and Animal Whisperer.

Barbara Oliveira (PhD, MBA, LLM) is a facilitator, process designer, change agent and conflict transformation mediator, strategic negotiator and host of meaningful conversations. Barbara is passionate about human connection and the potential that multistakeholder participatory approaches offer to create innovative and inclusive solutions for sustainable development challenges. Throughout her career, she has added expertise in using systemic approaches such as Theory U, Appreciative Enquiry, Systemic Constellations, Deep Democracy and the Thinking Environment, in addition to Consensus Building and interest based negotiations/mediation and has developed sustainable leadership models for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and young women leaders. She co-founded the Collaboration Laboratory focused on fostering a culture of facilitation and participatory decision making in Brazil and founded Ecosynergy – Facilitation and Capacity Building for Sustainability, through which she facilitates, trains and coaches NGOs, businesses, government agencies, international organizations and academic bodies in their initiatives to become more integrated, collaborative and better engaged with their stakeholders, in Brazil and abroad.  Barbara is also a Master Certified Integral Coach™ and a public speaker in leadership, consensus building, and collaboration.

Home base

São Paulo


English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian

Proudest achievements

To have coached some of the most amazing social justice leaders around the world doing great work. To have launched the Appreciation Project (www.theappreciationproject.net).

You became a Spring Associate because…

Supporting social justice advocates be better leaders is a great way to contribute to a better planet.

Your leadership philosophy

Be present and witness beauty in yourself, in others and in the world. “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Khalil Gibran.

Tiziana Pintus

Tiziana is a classical concert violinist. She is also an Integral Master Coach.

Tiziana coaches international leaders to develop their presence trusting their own artistry, empowering their teams to creative and harmonious performances. Her training as a professional musician allows her to create connections that transcend words, just as music does. 

Tiziana approaches development with grounded presence, sensitivity and creativity.

Ellen Sprenger
CEO & Founder, Spring

Ellen Sprenger is a strategist and advocate for social and climate justice. Since 2004, she has been the founder and CEO of Spring Strategies. She is a believer — especially in human potential and our collective ability to solve the problems of our time. She is a curious and creative optimist, an espresso enthusiast and avid meditator. Her areas of expertise include multi-actor conference facilitation, future-scenario development, accompaniment of justice organizations and movements in building greater financial strength, and executive coaching. Ellen holds a masters degree in Development Studies, an MBA from Erasmus University, and she is an Integral Master Coach™ and Certified Integral Facilitator™. Ellen is from the Netherlands and Canada, and has lived in Tanzania, South Africa and the United States.

Home base



English and Dutch

Proudest achievements

To always be ‘in development’, growing and waking up, and to resist the temptation of staying in my comfort zone. (Okay, I try.) And that I have been able to surround myself with people committed to doing the same.

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