Amsterdam 2017 High Impact Facilitation Intensive Case Study

Amsterdam 2017 High Impact Facilitation Intensive Case Study

Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 30 - November 1, 2017

Facilitators: Ellen Sprenger, Barbara Oliveira, Magda Hoekman

20 participants

Facilitation Intensive

Client: Public Program for
Experienced Facilitators


At Spring Strategies we believe that meetings should inspire, tap into the collective intelligence of a group, reshape how a problem is perceived, influence perspectives on how to affect change and uncover new ways of joining forces. High impact meetings generate new levels of strategic alignment, engagement and collective action. And we need more of those meetings; the future depends on it.

The Purpose of the High Impact Facilitation Intensive is to provide participants a program to develop advanced-level competencies in facilitation for collective action and impact.

The 2017 Amsterdam High Impact Facilitation Intensive included a 3-day in-person workshop, post-Intensive accompaniment in the form of coaching sessions, peer support and learning, and a final 2-hour group discussion.

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Participant Quotes

The deepest learning experience of my facilitation career: Meaningful and will change my behaviour in workshops and meetings.”

“One of the most important trainings I’ve ever done, which I would recommend to anyone who facilitates within or between organizations.”

“A genuine privilege to have been part of this workshop: Ellen, Magda and Barbara’s insights and guidance took all of us into new and exciting realms of practice.”

“A transformational course that will help me not only as a facilitator but in every aspect of my relationships with others.”