Integral Coaching® is a powerful method for people who are ready to accelerate their personal development and leadership capacity.

‘Integral’ means inclusive of everything: entire, complete, whole. It means to include everything that makes us human. It speaks to a way of coaching that combines numerous adult development approaches into a systematic framework that fosters change.

The Integral Coaching® method enables a coach to effectively identify and work with long-standing patterns while, at the same time, encouraging the ability to move in new directions. By actively working in both of these areas – the unique strengths of a 'past-based' way of being and working and the 'future-based' desired outcomes – unprecedented results are attained in very short periods of time.

Integral Coaching® principles reveal how clients can navigate the world: how they perceive things, the actions they take and the results they look for. The client will be guided to view issues through a different lens and develop new ‘muscles’ or capacities to enable meaningful results. Integral Coaching® includes somatic, spiritual and moral dimensions, alongside cognitive, emotional and interpersonal elements.

Integral Coaching® and Integral Coach™ are registered trade-marks in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. and licensed to Ellen Sprenger.